Artisanal Bohemia

Midnight Muse

Arpita Mehta’s luminous outing at Lakme Fashion Week titled, Midnight Muse was inspired by noir imagery. The magical powers of the night time have been chronicled in history – from the superstitious Elizabethans to the modern-day artists. Perhaps that explains fashion’s fascination for the all-pervading, soft gothic romance. What is it about the night time, which always ends up being such a turn-on for designers across the board? Arpita, too, was fixated with this idea, which has been the metaphor for mystery, intrigue and supernatural prowess. The designer, who usually toys with a colour palette of ivory, whites, golds, orange and pinks, this time gravitated towards more darker hues depicting a rather powerful, darker side.

Hence came navy blue, magenta, olive green and rose. The lotus was the recurring motif that ran throughout the collection – be it in the printed capes or the thread work embroidered jackets. Mehta’s signature 3D Appliqué and sequinned birds accented the lehenga skirts. The models complemented their looks with pulled-back hair in beach-like wavy style and added hoop earrings and chokers. The use of contrasting tassels and fluidity and the movement offered by the statement capes and boho floor-length jackets stood out.

It’s hard not to fall for the arresting charm of Miss Mehta’s slip dresses, sharp structured jackets, pleated palazzo pants, crop top sets and ruffle floral lehengas. A refreshing fashion outing in a season where everything is looking the same and the phrase ‘festive bridal’ has become a cliche. In a matter of a few years, Arpita Mehta has successfully managed to carve a signature style of her own which has been a challenge for her contemporaries.