Facebook has brought interesting updates to its camera

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When Facebook introduced Facebook stories on its application last year, it was met with a very lukewarm reception. People did not take up to it like that had with Snapchat and Instagram stories. Facebook has wanted to remedy this and make its stories a popular feature and in order to do, it has brought about changes to its camera.

On the 15th of this month, Facebook made a number of changes to its camera which it hopes will attract a wider audience. Users can now go live from the Facebook camera, can put up full screened texts on coloured backgrounds and can shoot GIFs on it as well. The feature of going live on Facebook can be used with a popular feature of Facebook that allows users to use AR face filters.

The coloured backgrounds that are being offered have been introduced before on Facebook with their status updates. The GIF creator, on the other hand, was tested the previous month on iOS devices. It allows the user to shoot GIFs of two seconds with the camera. These features will now be rolled out on both Android and iOS devices. All these items that are shot with the camera can be shared through the newsfeed or through Messenger.

Facebook, a company that believes that Augmented Reality is going to be the future, has also been acquiring AR technology in order to use it on its platform in the future. It recently acquired Fayteq, which is a German start-up in computer vision. The company is famous for its technology in video editing which allows it to add or remove objects from a video. That makes us anticipate what is it that Facebook is going to come out with next.

Only time will be able to tell if all these changes will be successful in attracting the youth which spends its time on Instagram and Snapchat. Or is this feature going to fizzle out as well?

The social media giant has been seeing a number of changes in other spheres as well. The most noticeable of this is that they are going to discontinue with its Groups App on the 1st of September.