Facebook to discontinue its Groups App from September 1

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Facebook is all set to discontinue its Groups application starting from the 1st of September. This application was meant for those people who were heavy users of the Groups feature that Facebook provided. However, the feature was not too popular with users and hence it isn’t a big surprise to anyone that the app is going to be shut down soon.

The Groups application has pretty much the same purpose and features that Facebook Messenger does except for the fact that it’s main focus is on Facebook Groups. The main purpose behind the application was to allow users to interact with Groups without any other major distractions that would be present on the main application.  Hence the application was launched as a solo app all the way back in 2014.

After Facebook shuts down the Groups App it is going to focus on improving the Groups feature within the main application of Facebook itself. In a note to the users of the Groups App, Facebook has said “Thanks for using the Groups app. On September 1, this app will be going away so we can focus on improving groups experience in the main Facebook app.” However, nothing has been said about how the groups experience is going to be improved upon in the main application.

Addressing the major concerns of the users of Groups, Facebook has stated that the feature is not going to be done away with completely. The company has also said that groups that have already been created are not going to be affected in any way. The Groups feature is very much going to be accessible on the main application of Facebook. The application will be available on both Android and iOS till the first of September.

However, this not the only application that Facebook has done away with recently. Since the 4th of August, another one of its apps called Lifestage has been shut down as well. Lifestage was introduced a year ago in August 2016 and was a platform for people under 21 to find each other and talk to each other through selfies and videos.