Get ready to welcome Alexa on your Android devices

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Amazon, earlier in the year, had said that it would be introducing a virtual assistant known as Alexa on its mobile application. Alexa would be accessible with the main shopping application of Amazon and would help users by making their shopping experience easier.

The voice assistant feature was launched on iPhones all the way back in March. This feature allowed the user to have interactions with Alexa about things such as the news, the weather and other basic things. Alexa has finally made her way to the Android devices as well. However, the user obviously needs to have the Amazon app on their devices in order to use Alexa.

This is actually a reason for Android users to rejoice as Alexa performs a number of services which are not only restricted to making orders or asking questions about shopping on Amazon. Users can also ask her a number of questions relating to general inquiries on the web or even about the weather. Alexa can also be used to control whatever smart products exist in your house through a feature known as Skills.

You can also ask her to pay your bills on the Amazon app, watch a show on Netflix or even inquire about the shipping of the package that you have ordered. She can also give you an update about the news that has taken place in the day, inform you about traffic conditions and play music for you while you are shopping on Amazon. Placing your order at Starbucks, ordering your Uber and allowing you to play a game on your phone are just a few services that she is equipped to handle.

If you want to access Alexa on your devices, all you need to do is visit the Amazon application and press the microphone that is present on the search bar. The feature might take a while to get to your Android devices as Amazon is first going to roll out the feature to all of its Echo users.

This move has been carried about by Amazon so that the users can get familiarized with Alexa. If they like the services that she provides, they can go ahead and purchase devices that are solely powered by Alexa as well.