Get ready to welcome the squeezing gesture to the Google Pixel 2

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There are strong rumours that the Google Pixel 2 is going to be made by HTC and that HTCs ‘squeeze’ feature from the U11 will be made available on the device as well. A document that has recently been filed by the HTC has cleared out these rumours and has proved them to be facts. This document has been filed with the FCC, which is an agency in the US which regulates communications between states.

According to this filing by HTC, the company wants certification for a device that has been labelled as the NM8G011A. The G in this name stands for Google, hence confirming that HTC will be making the next Google phone. The smaller Pixel 2 device is going to be made by HTC while larger the Pixel 2 XL device is mostly going to be made by LG.

According to this document, which also includes a screenshot of the Settings of the phone, the device will be running on Android O. this version of Android O will have the latest security patch on it, a security patch from August. It will be running on version number 8.0.1. Android O’s current Developer Preview is Android 8.0.0 which indicates that the final version could be 8.0.1.

The screenshots have also revealed that the Edge Sense from the HTC U11 might be present on this device as well. This is because it has a section of the “Languages, inputs and gestures” where a feature called “Active Edge” can be seen on the device. Edge Sense allows the user to launch Google Assistant by squeezing the edge of the device which is very pressure sensitive.

The screenshot also shows 50.66 GB on the device with 21 per cent that has been used. This means that the device will have storage of 64GB.

Rumours have also said that the device is going to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and that the design will be similar to that of the previous generations. This means that the forehead and the chin of the device will be big. This version will, however, utilize the free space for stereo speaker grills.

We cannot wait to see when the device will be formally announced and launched but we are sure that it is going to be something worth looking forward too.