Google Allo has arrived, but it will only pair with Android phones at the moment

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The Google messaging application that was announced at the 2016 Google 1/0, has finally got a web client. This app which is named Google Allo does, however, have two catches to it. The first is that it will only work if you have an Android phone and the second is that it will only work on the Chrome browser.

Google Allo works in a way that is similar to WhatsApp web as the Allo web client will need to pair with the Allo app on the device in order for it to work. The way of connecting it is similar to that of the WhatsApp web as well. All one needs to do is scan the QR code that will be seen on the desktop.

First you need to open the Allo application on your Android phone after which you need to go to the menu on the app. Under this menu you need to select the ‘Allo for Web’ option after which the QR code needs to be scanned on your desktop.

The support page also says that the Allo for web will stop working in case your phone does not have enough battery. “The QR code is unique to your computer and pairs the mobile app to the computer. Allo for web shows what’s on the mobile app. So if your phone runs out of battery or you quit the mobile app, Allo for web won’t work,” says a statement on the page.

Google Allo allows users to chat with family and friends but with an addition of smart replies, fun stickers as well as the integration of Google Assistant. These are all features that set it aside from Google Hangouts.

The web app features the contacts to the left of the screen and the chats to the right of the screen. You can add emojis to the chat with the help of a smiley button that is present near the text box. You can also search for sticker packs with the help of a pop up that is present in a column on the right side. Google Assistant will help you keep track of all the requests you have made to Google.

The maximum number of downloads for Allo are from India, with a share of 38 percent of the 21 million downloads. This is followed by the United States with a share of 17 percent.

All you Apple users out there, there is no reason to worry as Google Allo will be made available on Apple devices as well. For now, all you Android users can go crazy with the varied stickers present on Google Allo.