How do I make money online without spending money?

I’m looking for ways to make money online without spending any money therefore I do not have any money to spend. So if you have any good ideas feel free to give me your answers. Thanks!

Other than selling stuff (like on eBay or Amazon), most “make money online” sites are a scam, and a waste of time. I’ve looked into some of them, and every one is the same. This is no different than playing the lotto – you want to make money without putting forth any effort or money. You want a way to quickly and easily make a bunch of money without any effort or thought. Just stop trying – you’ll save a ton of time, and possibly avoid a few dangerous scams. Most people I know (myself included) would love to magically get a bunch of money, because most jobs suck, and we as a society are dependent on money to buy our happiness. I’m not criticizing you, because I’ve wanted exactly what you’re looking for many times. But I’ve learned that it’s not going to come. Other than rare occasions, money doesn’t just fall into your lap, and when it does, it’s not from any “get rich quick” schemes – it’s pure chance and you cannot expect it or make it happen. If it does, great, but it probably won’t.If you want to make money – think of an idea that no one has thought of before, and market it, or something like that. Or take something that already exists, and find a new use for it, or think of something that would be nice if it existed, and make it a reality. Also, don’t focus so much on money – it’s a complete illusion anyway. It’s colored paper that is only worth what everyone says it is, and with the economy like it is, you shouldn’t put too much value in it right now.You probably don’t want to be a wage-slave and work at McDonalds, or even in some cubicle for the rest of your life, even if it pays well. If you do want income (which is rather handy, admittedly), get a job that you enjoy – try something different. If you don’t like it, quit and try something else. Never keep a job just because you feel like you “need the money” – don’t sacrifice your happiness for colored bits of paper – life’s too short for that. But don’t expect free handouts or quick riches – that’s not how things work. Just be happy, and trust that things will work out if you want them to. Be willing to work for what you want, and don’t sacrifice your happiness to an illusion.

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