Instagram has introduced threaded comments

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Instagram, the photo sharing giant, has come out with an update to its application that is being applauded by all the users. The company has finally introduced threaded comments to its platform which allows users to keep tracks of conversations that are taking place.

Before this update was introduced to Instagram, keeping track of comments was a tedious task. One was only able to respond to the comments in a very general manner and the recipient of the comment needed to be tagged to direct the comment towards them. Now however, you can reply to whatever comment you want thanks to the comment thread.

This feature is one which has been seen on Facebook since a while and has been lauded as one of the more useful updates. It helps keep the interface easy to use as well as organized.

In order to use the feature of threaded comments, all one needs to do is tap on the Reply button that is there under individual messages. The feature will, however, not let you create another a thread within a thread that already exists.

Instagram has been making a number of changes to its interface with the recent introduction of face filters which are like the ones found on Snapchat. 8 new filters were added including popular ones like an angelic wreath and a circle of flowers.

This update is going to be seen when Instagram comes out with its 24th version. This version of Instagram will be available on both IOS as well as Android. Hence it is going to take some time before you actually are able to see this update on your devices.