Why is the iPhone 8 rumoured to be so expensive?

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The soon to release iPhone 8 has generated a lot of speculation about what its features and latest technologies are going to be like. New rumours are coming out every single week about the greatly anticipated smart phone.

The latest talks about the design say that the iPhone 8 will have a display of 5.8 inches which will be surrounded by bezels of size 4 millimetres on all sides. It is also highly likely that Apple will not be bringing back the headphone jack that it had removed from the iPhone 7. There are also rumours that the device will have face recognition technologies in it. Forbes has also suggested that “USB Type-C may feature on the wall plug as part of a wider move to finally adopt fast charging.”

One of the most popular rumours about the device is the presence of a 3D camera as well as an infinity display. Rumours about the price of the smart phone also are endless with some saying that the device will cost around USD 850 with other people saying that the device will cost as much as USD 1000. The reason for this increment in price is expected to be the AR technology, 3D sensor, 256 GB of storage and a HQ OLED display.

It is also expected that the device will have dual lenses and will be released in three versions. The first version will be a model of 5.8 inches with an OLED screen while the other two models will have TFT-LCD screens. These models will be available in a 4.7 inch version and a 5.5 inch version. The 4.7 inch version will allegedly not have a dual lens while the other two versions will support the dual lens. This camera is expected to be vertical instead of horizontal. It is also expected that these dual lenses will support super high resolution 4K video recording at 60 fps. The lens might also give an option to users of 1080p capture at 240 fps.

Apple has been trying to introduce the iPhone 8 as a brand new category in itself. This could be because this is the ten year anniversary of the company releasing its smart phones. They do not want the users to think of it as a continuation of the line of iPhone mobiles that are out in the market but instead as a new category itself.

They want to position the iPhone 8 as a whole new class and that is exactly what the supreme pricing of the device is hinting towards. The iPhone 8 is acting as a device that is combining all the expensive elements and technologies that people would not want to purchase on the other iPhones.

It is hence safe to assume that the company is not going to be producing the iPhone 8 in a large volume. It will instead be providing the market with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus which will be more affordable but at the same time will not be able to surpass the iPhone 8 when it comes to advancements in technology.

If Apples previous patterns of launching smart phones are to be looked at, then it is highly likely that the iPhone 8 will be launched sometime in September. Along with the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are expected to be released at the same time as well. Only time will be able to tell what great technology has Apple been able to come out with that it is pricing the devices at USD 1000.